About Me, the Author & Why I started This Blog

Hi, my name is Chelsea Forbes-Terry and I am the blogger behind this blog. I started this blog in summer 2013 when at 22, I realized that being an “adult” was not quite as fun as everyone had made it out to be. Finding happiness, understanding your place in the world, forming adult friendships and relationships that will last, and achieving a glimmer of success in the meantime felt like the checklists to end all checklist and I wasn’t making progress on any of them. I wondered if anyone else was going through the same things, feeling the same overwhelming feeling that coming into adulthood inspires. I was experiencing the pit falls, the laughs, the whirlwind story that is being in your twenties and I wondered what would happen if I started sharing them.

Being an avid journaler my whole life I was no stranger to putting my life into readable words but sharing all the juicy details out there for everyone to know was a scary thought. What if I said something no one could relate to and people judged me? What if I offended someone, outed some truth or some opinion that would embarrass me or some other person I knew? How would I feel if everyone read it and hated it?

The good news is I decided even with all those questions, to do it anyway. I let people read as I opened up about my emotionally and verbally abusive relationship, my struggle with depression, the low’s that I felt within the first years of this blog. Then, as I climbed and crawled myself back to sanity – a writing renaissance  as I started writing heavily for Thought Catalog and all the adventures in between sat here. I talked about anything and everything and it kept my belief that we are not quite as isolated in our experiences as we think. I realized our stories are more intertwined than we think, especially in the decade of your twenties.

The second year of this blog also ushered in the time when I began writing for Elite Daily where my very first piece talked about the pain of going through an abortion. I was deep in pain and writing slowly dragged me to a better place where I began to create the life I had always dreamed of with the primary focus of experiencing the second half of my twenties on one thing – happiness. In the third year of this blog I hope to inspire AND relate to even more readers than ever before. It won’t all be butterflies and rainbows, I assure you; my life is still going to be complicated and layered and seen through a lens of learning and growth. So if you’re thinking of following this blog, you should because a few years ago I made a commitment to live my life out loud in order to connect with people of my generation going through the same things and I’m keeping my commitment!

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