It’s the Beginning Again

I haven’t written anything in 80 days. My last article appeared on Thought Catalog after, ironically, my last post here and while it was nicely written (I’ve since re read it) it was about nothing in particular. While I had not much going on in my life,  those 80 days ended up marking the end of a very long and tumulus chapter in my life; a chapter I never would have imagined would lead me here.

I won’t reiterate the whole story here- for many of my long term readers I’m sure by now you know snippets of the up’s and down’s that came out of the last two years. When I moved to Denver, it was, in essence the beginning of the journey to find myself, the journey I had ended my relationship to take. My ex, to this day doesn’t believe my line that, “I need to be on my own first” but as cliche as it sounds, 23 year old me couldn’t help but feel like it was time to see who I was as an adult person outside of my relationship.

And boy did I learn. I somehow managed to take a two year crash course on the importance of picking your friends, having a support group, asking for what your worth, doing the things you love, dating, love, and how to cope when all of those things bring you to the brink of insanity.

I thought, foolishly that I knew what I wanted in order to be happy, that I somehow had already paid my dues and knew who I was. I was mostly wrong. I was tossed into what owning your own adult life meant as a single, young woman and it kicked my ass hard.

In the past 80 days since I last wrote so many things have happened, more than I can even get into in this brief post about the new era of my writing and of this blog. I am lucky, blessed, and possibly even fated to have experienced this past chapter and with so many things to write about I guess you’ll have to just stay tuned to what lessons I learned and what lessons that are yet to come.


Until then – here’s to the beginning… Again… 🙂



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