You Got This Girl

pg-38-rosie-riveter-1Girl, you got this. I know it feels like you don’t have anything together, I know it feels like you’re lost, passing by the same tree over and over again, but you aren’t and you’re not it just seems that way from your limited point of view.

Girl, you got this. You’re tired, I know. The peaks and valleys your confidence, self-esteem ,and self-worth are constantly going through is nothing new. It’s a part of becoming a woman, it’s a part of becoming you. That doubt is just fear, that hesitancy is just caution because the fire looks so bright and beautiful but is hot and without proper care, dangerous.

Girl, you’ve got this. This mountain that you must climb, the forest you must journey through, well, it’s a rite of passage. Not for all women, just the internally resilient ones, just for the ones that become pillars of strength, and wisdom. If it looks like no one else is on a the same path, a path so hard you can barely explain it, well then, they are not the chosen women and you, you are.

Girl, you got this. Even in your weakest moments. You’ll tire, you’ll struggle, you’ll whine as if that matters, but inside you can feel it – power. Little by little it grows stronger, then sometimes weaker, but never extinguishes itself because it can’t, you can’t. And as hard as you try to, as hard as you pray for it to, it can’t because it can’t always be easy, and you can’t always give up.

Girl, you got this. It’s no sweat off your back, just dirt off your shoulder. You laugh in the face of adversity even though that same adversity sometimes make you fall to your knees drenched in pain. You don’t have to pretend it’s not there you just have to accept it and keep it moving.

Because you got this girl. You do. You can make every dream a reality and every aspiration tangible. In your hands, you have this. You are a warrior, a survivor, a gladiator in a suit, an advocate for the select few that will follow you into the darkness and emerge as Goddesses. There will be people who will try to slow you down, and you will be surprised that that person is mostly you. You are Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Williams, and Michelle Obama, which means you put in the work and you come out a champion. You are humble but know that even your competition can’t touch you.

Oh girl, you got this and you say that to yourself everyday, in the car, in the shower, before bed, while cooking dinner. You believe it because you are your own cheerleader, your own biggest fan, the coach in the game of your life. Other people might see it, other people may cheer for you too but it’s all up to you. The good and the bad, the struggles and the victories, they are all yours, but they are no problem because girl, you got this.



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