Dear Me: A Letter to my 24 Year Old Self

As has become my tradition, every year on this blog after my birthday I write a letter to myself from the year before. I give a summery of important things that happened that year, lessons I learned and tid bits that, in the event we can somehow time travel, these letters will serve as good pointers to past Chelsea. Anyway, here it goes.

Dear Chelsea,

You feel as if this has been a year of transformation for you, and you would be right. You went from living a life you didn’t love to one that you fought tooth and nail to enjoy. You think at this point you understand what resilience and rebirth looks like but, you don’t.

You will spend the year of 24 chasing a life that you don’t even remember signing up for. You will be stripped again and again of the blueprints you lie out for yourself until you eventually realize that if life’s a ride you might as well just hold on and go with it. You, of course, will resist this basically the whole year, so, there’s that.

Professionally you will learn tons more about what exactly you excel at. You will learn new things about managing people and doing work that you love. But you will also learn a lot about your value, what kind of environment does and does not work for you and the importance of having a team around you that feels like family.

Relationship wise – well I won’t even start with what a fucking good time that turns out to be. You’re going to get your heart handed to you this year, more than once. Be prepared to learn the difference between a graceful exit and one where you literally set the house on fire. Also be prepared to understand what it is you’re worth when it comes to romantic relationships. Begging is not love. There’s a lot of little gems like that buried in this year of relationships for you. Take it in stride, you will get through it.

Friendships this year will literally save you. The women that you meet in this year actual challenge you in every way possible. You will see some true friendship and some kinda-sorta of friendships, but each will bring to you a since of happiness no man can ever fill. Be grateful for them, nourish them, value having strong females in your life as the gift that it is.

Personally… it’s going to be a tough year. I won’t lie to you and sugar coat what is, in every respect, a year that will kick your ass. It will kick your ass so hard that honestly by the end of it you’ll finally learn to just surrender. What I can tell you is life will sometimes throw hard shit your way, you just gotta learn to bob and weave. It’ll get easier too – you’ll meet the inner most depths of your insecurities, your fears, and all the things that make up part of who you are. You will figure out how to deal with you, every part of you and acknowledge and accept it. By the end of this tiring year, I promise you, you will walk away with a strong foundation that will shuffle underneath you, but never break.




Your 25 year old self.


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