In This Moment Here With You

Urgh I tried to write a blog post and wrote a poem instead. They say that true inspiration begets great writing so here’s hoping that’s still true. 


All day I waited to be in the moment with you

That moment where all the talk shuts up

and there isn’t any asking what we are or how we feel because it’s so crystal clear

I can feel it, here, in this moment with you

I try not to grab hold of it

I just watch as it slips around us

Tangled in our bodies

Some call it energy or chemistry

All I know is it started with a spark

in a moment just like this

in a bar where I first saw your smile

And it’s been hiding here amongst us ever since

It’s followed us, nurtured us, spoke to us in tiny whispers that said

“be open, be honest, be here”

The thing is, it only grows when I’m in moments like this, here with you

Moments free of fear or hesitation

Or the insecurities that hold us back from one another

It can’t thrive in that

Exposed to unhealthy air it starts to shrivel up

turn into pain, and hurt, and misunderstandings

But not here, not in this moment with you

With your kisses and arms wrapped around me

All I can feel is bliss and joy and connection

In this moment here with you time stands still

Music sounds louder, colors seem brighter

And I wonder if you can feel it too

In this moment here with me

It crescendos slowly, setting me down just long enough for me to watch before it slips away

Hiding there under the covers I feel like maybe we’re in my dreams

Because it’s just me and you and something so pure neither of us speaks – neither of us has to

Unlike other moments, these moments are special

They let me know I have the capacity to love

but more importantly

That I have the capacity to love you

Then without anything outwardly changing, the moment is gone

and we’re still together just in different moments

Our perceptions and experiences go back to being colored by who we are

Limited in our access to one another

But cut off completely from the world the we both share

I grow less and less afraid of this time

because I know that somehow we’ll find our way back to each other

Back to the shared moments

Back to the moments here, with you.


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