Welcome to 2015 Bitches!

micIt’s been awhile blog readers. After a stressful last few weeks of December and a traumatic first few weeks of January I’m back and ready to write again. In my head I thought that my first post of 2015 would be a resolution one similar to this, a mixture of reflection from the past year and my resolutions for the year to come. My reflection for 2014 is this – it was not the clusterfuck of 2013 but it was a year where I transformed who I was in every aspect of my life. It was a year that started off with deep mourning, a year I was laid off, and ended my 3 year relationship and started over. 2014 was the year I moved out on my own to a state where I knew no one, struggled with dating and a new job and finally found my footing when it came to writing. All in all, it was a lot of hard lessons learned, tough battles fought, and wine. There is a lot of talk about finding yourself in your twenties and when I look back on when it all turned a corner for me, I will think of 2014.

So, why no resolutions? Because this year isn’t about taking small steps throughout to enhance my life – 2015 is about big jumps that help me to enjoy my life. It’s all happening and it’s all happening now. My only resolution is to do more things and be happy in the life I worked so hard last year to create. The past few years have been uphill battles for me and now I see myself taking a deep breathe and just moving forward with no abandon. My foundation in who I am and where I want to go in life is solid, and though I understand that my ideas and values will change as I grow older, I’ve reached the point where I’m less sure about a lot less things.

So what does that mean for my writing and my blog? Well, I started this blog in 2013 with the purpose of sharing my personal story of my twenties with all of you. I was honest (sometimes too much so) because I wanted others to relate to the fact that your twenties is hard and we all go through it. 2014 I started sharing my story with even more people by contributing to Thought Catalog and my writing continued to find it’s voice as I continued to find mine. I was lucky to see both this blog and my pieces on TC grow in popularity and it felt good to connect with people through my writing and through my experiences. This year I’m happy to announce that I will also be contributing to Elite Daily as well as here on my blog and on Thought Catalog. Though I know this seems like a lot of platforms, my hope is to continue developing a strong voice with a slightly different sound for each site. Here I will continue to tell personal stories, casually – talking directly to you the reader and commenting on things through my own lens (look for “That’s Just Your Opinion” articles to make a comeback). This will be a place for me to workshops and ask questions and think out loud. On TC I will continue writing funny relevant articles on things that happen in your twenties. Some will be short, some will be personal, and some will be list but all the pieces there will me sharing relatable things to a wide audience. Elite will be a place for pieces that are meant to start a conversation. Personal pieces with a boarder brush to help spark dialog and discussion. I am very excited about all of the things I have yet to write this year and imagine that there will be plenty of experiences to share amongst all three sites.

So what else is on the horizon for 2015? Man, I can’t wait to find out! What I do know is that this is the year to push fear aside and do what makes you happy. Think of this year as the starting point you’ve been waiting for. It’s a drop the mic type of year and so far it has been. Welcome to 2015!