firefliesYou can’t capture a sunset
or a picture of fireworks as they explode across the sky
you can’t even capture that feeling
of waking up next to someone new for the first time
nor a hummingbird, quiet and still
but that never stops us from trying
trying with all our hearts to store it away somehow
take it with us as we walk through life
reminding us of the moments that were brighter and better
because you can’t capture happiness
no matter how hard you try.

You can’t capture laughter
or a sincere prayer
that goes from your lips to Gods ears
whispered and hushed
you can’t capture a lion and tame it as a cat
for it belongs in the wild strong and free
and free things are immune from captivity
like childhood imagination and birthday wishes
one minute they’re there, the next minute gone
and you can’t get them back
because they don’t belong to us
just with us in some form or another

You can’t capture someone’s heart
when their heart belongs to their dreams
especially when their dreams are big
bigger than the ocean
whose waves crash along the shore
a sound so beautiful that we lie and say it’s captured in the shells
but the shells capture nothing
like these words
that are barely capturing the feeling
I am trying to express

You can’t capture the fleeting things
the stunning things
the things that make us pause just long enough to wonder
could it be caught?
before we realize that even if we could we wouldn’t want to
because some things are just there long enough to enjoy
not repeatedly
selfishly once
before it vanishes to be mentally memorized by another
captured only in our memories
Which no one can capture but you.


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