Hey Blog Readers!


For all of you who have recently found or recently followed my blog let me take this time to sincerely thank you! It’s been a great last few months getting the opportunity to write anything that pops into my little inspired head and sharing it with all of you. That’s why this Wednesday I am happy to celebrate 1 year of having this blog! With almost 1000 views this month and finally having 100 followers I can safely say this is more than just a “phase” blog, it has become my passion project and a huge part of my growth this year in life.

To celebrate God, I Hate My 20’s one year anniversary I’ll be posting an exclusive interview up here about me and my writing and other good stuff as conducted by my good friend Jessica. Additionally, I plan on focusing more solely on the content in this blog outside of the Thought Catalog articles I’ve been working on lately. I started this blog because I felt like no one was being 100% honest about the struggles and realities of being in your 20’s and I would like to continue to do that without having to think about my audience at large.

Anyway, as I’m sure most of you know my signature sign off by now is “tks for reading” so I’ll leave it at that and hope you all continue to read my slightly off awkward humor and emotionally full articles. Any questions leave them in the comments!



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