IMG_4096Happy Monday Blog Readers!

I was planing on doing another “That’s Just Your Opinion” piece today but instead I’m going to talk about my writing on this blog (and somewhat on Thought Catalog) instead.

As some of you may know I’m in the middle of one of those soul crushing, you’re the devil, I never loved you at all –  type break up’s that we all inevitably go through somewhere in our twenties and it is not pretty. Some of that fallout is my fault due to this and some of it is just due to the nature of breaking up with someone after 2.5 years. It’s been a rough. Yet, I have always been about “living my life out loud” and using my writing to sort through my own feelings and emotions about things that I think other people can relate to. That was the point of this blog. I wanted a platform to honestly talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of being your twenties and I can’t really be true to that if I sensor myself when crazy shit is actually taking place in my life. That being said I am FULLY aware that leaves a lot of people in my life at a disadvantage. They didn’t sign up for this. There have been a lot of innocent bystanders and some not so innocent bystanders and some collateral damage due to my actions. That’s something I have been working on and will continue to work on in the future of this blog and in the future of my published work. What I can say is that I have always been a very emotional and intense person and in my youth would take that and become extremely destructive with it. Nowadays, I take all those emotions and intense feelings and turn them into things other people want to read, something constructive, something that helps other people have a voice. That’s huge for me. Nothing makes me happier than feeling like I can articulate my own feeling and simultaneously a lot of other peoples as well.

As we approach the 1 year mark of my blog I’m definitely trying to make some changes. My hope is that in the fall I will be starting two new series in the same vain of “That’s Just You Opinion”, that will occur on a monthly basis on this blog. Additionally no names or specific details will be given anymore in my article unless otherwise stated and cleared by the person being written about. My life, will remain an open open book, but I am closing the chapter on having that include the people I love and want in my life. I don’t want to burn bridges or create tension where there shouldn’t be and I want the new people coming into my life to feel comfortable experiencing things with me without having the fear of waking up one day to it plastered all over social media. This is my platform but it doesn’t have to be anyone else’s.

As always, you can find me on twitter @chelsellen & on Instagram @seechelsrun and please feel free to email or leave comments about whatever you’d like towards me. I read almost as much as I write and apparently I never sleep anymore so I’ll do my best to respond.

Have a great week & TKS for reading!




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