That’s Just Your Opinion: Stephanie Castle

It’s backkkkkkkk. Another installment that proves even more mind boggling than the first. 

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Piece: Ladies: If You’re Upset That Your Partner Doesn’t Help You Around The House, The Answer Is Simple

First appeared on: Thought Catalog

Author: Stephanie Castle




WTF: I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this nonsense. You can’t even get two paragraphs in without wanting to side swipe this broad for being so ridiculous. This is not an article about that honestly talks about the roles and demands being a women still is in our society, no it’s a whining diatribe about how unfair housework is and how being a mom is hard and wahhhhhh. I get it, I know what it’s like to pick up your 20th pair of dirty socks from the living room couch and think to yourself “why the fuck can’t you seem to find the laundry basket?!” and the answer is simple, it’s called grow a pair of expectations and ask for some god damn help. If you’re a control freak maybe you shouldn’t have procreated with a man who doesn’t understand your need for order and cleanliness. Ladies, lets not skirt our responsibilities for making the conscience choice to “suffer in silence”, real men know how to take out the trash, how to fold some undies, and they sure as hell should have within them the ability to take some Mr. Clean to the kitchen counter. This idea that finding a good mate somehow means we don’t ask their opinions about gender roles and household chores is even more abysmal than assuming that a woman would be responsibilities for those duties in the first place. I could honestly go on about this article forever but lets just get to the evidence shall we?

The Evidence:

“Stop letting this ruin your life. If it is you that is happy with a clean home, then keep it clean. You should. But don’t pull passive aggressive measures trying to get someone who may not be so interested to help you.” [[I fucking agree, if you like a clean home and your significant other also likes a clean home than you shouldn’t rely on passive aggressive measures to get him to clean, you just only marry people with decent home training so you can avoid marrying a douche like that in the first place.]]

“This Mother’s Day, I was really down. As I was ironing his shirts for work the next day, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Really? He isn’t going to stop me from my usual cleaning, laundry, cooking and tending to my child today?” He didn’t. I felt sorry for myself the whole day… I cried a bit.” [[ Are you serious?! Call Gloria Steinem ASAP.]]

“The number one complaint I hear from the ladies I know today is that their partner does not help them. They are exhausted. Some either have or have considered cheating because they have fantasies about other men. But what are they fantasizing about? A man in an apron making dinner and cleaning the house? You have to ask yourself, what were you hoping for when you met your partner?” [[Do you even know what the definition of partner is? It’s an equal, that means someone who values and cares about you and is willing to maybe even do things they don’t love because you are a team. I’m certainly not fantasizing about a guy in an apron but do I want to marry someone who doesn’t make me iron his shirts on Mother’s Day? Ummm, duh.]]


It hit me like a Swiffer Sweeper to the head — sharing the responsibilities is not the reason I fell for him. I can’t measure how I feel about him based on how he helps me at home. ” [[ I can’t even. Sharing the responsibilities should have been part of your VOWS you loser! What does how you feel about him have anything to do with helping around the house? Those aren’t mutually exclusive! I can’t even.]]

My Opinion: I’m still shaking from this article. I think this woman shouldn’t be allowed to raise a child, I’m being 100% honest here. Look, gender roles in our society have been changing for quite some time, and they will continue to do so but what women have had the power to do for decades now is chose spouses that complement them when it comes to household tasks. You don’t get to complain about doing all the housework if all you do is silently stew about doing all the housework. You should have a husband who understand that no amount of “shared responsibilities” will ever compensate for the things you’re responsible for just by being a woman and will thus do whatever it takes be a team of 2 and not 1. Hopefully our generation gets that. Hopefully this lady is just one crazy apple from an otherwise more culturally aware group of young ladies becoming wive and mothers now. Do we understand what marriage means or are we just pretending to be the enlightened feminist that our mothers taught us to be? Are we secretly wishing and hinting at what we want our partners to do or do we have the balls to expect – nay, demand mutual respect. I know I do.

End of rant. Someone tweet this girl that she’s a twit.


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