… and some soup to boot

A promise is a promise, I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes this summer and even though I’m not thinking of going full on “Food & Wine” blogger anytime soon, I figured why not showcase some of the yummy things I luck into making for everyone to enjoy.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup (w/ truffle grilled cheese) 

10322824_10152401394868910_8780723216845204587_n5 – 7 Red Bell Peppers




Olive Oil

Fontana Cheese


White Truffle Oil


Red Onion

Vegetable Stock 

Brioche loaf

1) Place freshly washed & pitted red bell peppers onto a try of aluminum foil with garlic and broil until roasted evenly on both sides.

2) Bag both the peppers & garlic in a large plastic Ziploc and let “sweat” for 15 – 20 minutes.

3) Rid the peppers of their skins and place them to the side (if you have the ability you can use this step to run the peppers through a food processor for more ease in cooking.)

4) Heat salt, thyme , cilantro  & rosemary with olive oil and a cup of diced red onions in you pot until onions are softs and trance lucent.

5) Add in you red peppers and vegetable stock and season to taste before letting cook on low for 20 – 25 minutes.

6) Use a blender of emulsifying wand to emulsify you soup for serving.  Set aside before serving

4) Take the 2 slices of the brioche loaf and butter on one side of each piece.

5) Take shredded or cubed fontana and place on top of each piece of bread open faced on a small skillet.

6) Drizzle the white truffle oil onto of the cheese and let cook until bottom of each slice of bread is golden brown

7) Combine both pieces of bread in the oven and allow 3- 5 minutes for sandwich to finish off while adding a bit more truffle oil on top and butter to the sides of the pan.




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