20 Things To Be Grateful For In Your 20’s

attractive-thanksgivingI know the blog’s called “God, I Hate My 20’s” but even I can take a break on Thanksgiving Day!!!

20. Vines

19. Interviewing for you first post college job and nailing it.

18. Emoji’s that express EXACTLY how you’re feeling.

17. Eating whatever you want and mostly getting away with it.

16. Having the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want because you don’t have parents or kids around (yet).

15. Getting in a warm shower after an full 8 hour day at work.

14. Getting a “Hey you” text from your crush.

13. The ability to Facebook stalk said crush.

12. Not having your life together but feeling like you’re doing better than say- Miley Cyrus

11. Hashtagging things in your life that don’t even need hashtags. #SorryNotSorry

10. Selfies #YOLO

9. Forever 21, because where else will you buy clothes you can throw away after one use on your budget?!

8. The popularity of Fro Yo places. Shit is bomb.

7. When your parents buy you dinner

6. The rare occasion when you can actually buy other people dinner. Nothing feels better then saying “I got this one”, to make you feel like a straight up balla, even if it’s at Chipotle.

5. Extremely addictive shows that you can binge watch anytime you want (I’m looking at you Scandal, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, anything on Showtime and (RIP) Breaking Bad.

4. Really effective birth control methods

3.  Being old enough to take vacations with just your friends 

2. Booze

1. Nights we can’t remember and people we won’t forget.


One thought on “20 Things To Be Grateful For In Your 20’s

  1. I like this I would do one as well but doubt I can think up 40 some odd things …thats to many and I am to old. I think it is safe to assume that #14 is about me.. your mother ofcourse you love your mother…
    I would like to suggest that you change # 7& 6 to be #76 and say this ” When you are able to buy your parents dinner and it’s NOT chipotle. And lastly we should talk about # 1 because if you have to many nights like that…well then your next blog is going to be titled God I wish I could remember my 20’s just sayin…

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