20 Things To Be Grateful For In Your 20’s

attractive-thanksgivingI know the blog’s called “God, I Hate My 20’s” but even I can take a break on Thanksgiving Day!!!

20. Vines

19. Interviewing for you first post college job and nailing it.

18. Emoji’s that express EXACTLY how you’re feeling.

17. Eating whatever you want and mostly getting away with it.

16. Having the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want because you don’t have parents or kids around (yet).

15. Getting in a warm shower after an full 8 hour day at work.

14. Getting a “Hey you” text from your crush.

13. The ability to Facebook stalk said crush.

12. Not having your life together but feeling like you’re doing better than say- Miley Cyrus

11. Hashtagging things in your life that don’t even need hashtags. #SorryNotSorry

10. Selfies #YOLO

9. Forever 21, because where else will you buy clothes you can throw away after one use on your budget?!

8. The popularity of Fro Yo places. Shit is bomb.

7. When your parents buy you dinner

6. The rare occasion when you can actually buy other people dinner. Nothing feels better then saying “I got this one”, to make you feel like a straight up balla, even if it’s at Chipotle.

5. Extremely addictive shows that you can binge watch anytime you want (I’m looking at you Scandal, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, anything on Showtime and (RIP) Breaking Bad.

4. Really effective birth control methods

3.  Being old enough to take vacations with just your friends 

2. Booze

1. Nights we can’t remember and people we won’t forget.


Dear Me: A Letter to my 22 Year Old Self

time-travelDear Chelsea,

I’m writing this because, well, to be honest I just saw this Rachel McAdam’s movie About Time (no literally, that was the title… Just imagine a producer asking “What should we call it…? Well, it is about time… OMG that’s it About Time) and it made me think, what if I could go back in time and tell me former self not to do all the fucked up stuff resulting in my now self?! Genius. Hence this letter. (The movie wasn’t actually that good, at the end of this letter I will give you the most important advice ever, please disregard this advice as it relates to this movie).

Right now you’re freshly 22, in few months this very upbeat song by Taylor Swift, obviously entitled 22, will surface and everyone will wish they were also 22. You shouldn’t get too excited, this year is totally about to blow for you. #SorryNotSorry (Yes, that hash tag is a thing).

Professionally this year is a mixed bag. You’ll get tired of being a server and smelling like food (no matter how amazing it is) but getting out of it isn’t going to be easy. You’ll dabble in things here and there and meet some really cool people who are going to teach you how to be more girly and pretty but at the end of the day you’ll jump from $10 an hour to $10 an hour gigs for the best part of the year. That is, until you make your way back to your field of choice( politics) and let me skip to the ending, you hate it. You’ll wonder if you’re cut out for politics, the answer is probably not campaign politics. You love sleeping, personal hygiene, and your sanity so I’m not sure if it’s a good fit. You’ll make moves… just not this year.

Romantically… Well… it ain’t easy. You’ll skip back and fourth between wanting to run away and wanting to stay in that relationship forever. In the end you’ll end up in a strange limbo with your heart, afraid to let him go but also afraid you won’t. It’s nowhere near as bad as is seems but for you it’ll feel like you’re losing your first love all over again. You’ll relearn how to be together but you’ll still have so many questions and not as many answers.

Friend wise you’ve finally hit the jackpot. People will enter and leave your life so quickly this year that you’ll cling to the good ones, and for once they’re not in a hurry to leave your side. They’ll save you, root for you, pray for you, worry about you, then one day you’ll realize you’re the happiest you’ve ever been friend wise. Don’t waste a moment not appreciating them. One day you’ll look up at your 23rd birthday and all the most important people to you in this moment in your life will be there and nothing will feel more accomplished.

But, in general, everything else sucks. You’ll second guess yourself more than you should. You’ll be harder on yourself than anyone else could be and with every failure, every misstep, you’ll become a little more fearful of living life and you won’t realize that it’s your own fear holding you back until much later, after regret has already set in. But you’ll also find out just how resilient you are, bursting with never ending optimism and a drive that for the first time you’ll see is unique to you. There will be a lot of sleepless nights, too many tears to count, a bottom that you’ll hit MULTIPLE times. The worst will happen and in the end you’ll still be alive.

You will obviously start a very unsuccessful blog, but stay with it. Let others in through words when nothing else can describe what you’re going through. Almost everyone A lot of people will hate it, but as long as you write what’s true, you’d be surprised at how many people will listen to your story. I wish I could be there for you (I mean technically I am you so I am there but I mean, I’m LITERALLY no help) but you’ll find your way.

Whatever you do, don’t do anything differently. You’ll want to. Hell, if tomorrow I get a letter from my 24 year old self telling me what was in store I’d jump at the chance to change everything. Don’t. Because even though it’s not perfect you’ll kick 22’s ass, and you like the person you are at 23, so don’t change a thing.


Your 23 year old self

Chelsea’s Favorite Things: 2013 Edition!

o-OPRAHS-FAVORITE-THINGS-facebookOprah’s created an annual list of her favorite things for decades. Items that quite honestly, us 20 year olds can’t even fathom, let alone afford, so to help you all with some top notch ideas for this Holiday Season I’ve complied a list of my favorite things just in time for you to look at you calendar and go “Shit, Christmas is next month.”

Giant Honey Crisp Apples                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Retail Price: $3.00 per lb


First of all don’t scoff at these beautiful babies. I recently came across them at my local Sprouts and when I tell you it was the best memory I have of eating apples I’m not being hyperbolic. This is the perfect gift for co-workers, people you only slightly know, roommates and the like. It’s cheap and easy and it’ll give you a chance to make something you’ve looked up on Pintrest. Also, if you have any stoner friends they can use this as a smoking device and then eat it. #FTW



Trader Joe’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Retail Price: Whatever you want it to be


Lets just state the obvious, #ShitsExpensive and Trader Joe’s might be the best grocery store of all time. I mean come on, think, when’s the last time you went to Trader Joe’s and the line didn’t wrap around the store? When’s the last time you went to Trader Joe’s and didn’t get upwards of 3 bottles of $5 wine?! When’s the last time you went to Trader Joe’s and thought, “I could totally host a Vegan dinner party?!” (okay maybe that last one was just me. This is the perfect gift to ask for from relatives that want to get you something but have no idea what a twenty-something would want for the Holidays. Just imagine if you got a $30 gift card to TJ’s from 3 – 5 relative this season. That’s $150 of money! Do you know how many bottles of wine you could purchase with that?

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Hair Mask                                                                                                                        Retail Price: $35.00

moroccan oil collage

When I say this is hair crack you should believe me. I don’t dole out a ton of beauty tips but take it from me THIS SHIT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. I should really say that any Moroccan Oil products can keep your hair safe during the driest of winters but the hair mask really give it an extra coat of shiny and feather like softness that you’ll need during those drunken Christmas parties you’ll be attending all month. It’s not a “leave-in” but it does require you to take a shower and wash/condition your hair first before putting it on for a minimum of 10 minutes then rinsing it back out, but it is worth the hassle if only for the smell alone. Perfect gift for those with sisters, female cousins, and BFF’s without breaking the bank or resorting to gasp Gift Cards.


Cards Against Humanity                                                                                                                                                                                                             Retail price: $25 online or download for free and print yourself


Don’t even get me started on how much fun this game is. Ever played Apples to Apples (yes, at first your parents blackmailed you into playing it one Christmas Eve, now you play every time you’re home) well meet it’s raunchier, naughtier cousin and you’ve got yourself a game. This is the perfect gift for your couple friends (when you don’t want to give each of them something all it’s own) or even your younger, cooler aunts and uncles who love board games and are usually boring anyway. This brings life to the party in 2.39 seconds, bring over a few bottles bottle of wine and you’ve got yourself a night to remember.

ApplauZe                                                                                                                                                                                   Retail Price: Free; tickets vary


They say the best types of gifts are those of experience and what better way to have an experience than by going to a game, concert, stand-up, or play. With this free app (available for Androids & iPhones) you can search for nearby events of by city and get the lowest ticket prices for those events. Filter by price or by seats, purchase, and print at home. This is the perfect gift for those closest to you like boyfriends, BFF’s, and parents because not only will they be psyched you got them tickets to “Fill In The Blank” but you also get to come!! Yay!



Roku 3                                                                                                                                                                                       Retail Price: $49.95


Welcome to the new order of life. I got one of these babies when I moved into my new apartment and it is easily the best purchase I have made all year. Feel like getting a gadget for someone but not committed to the Apple TV sticker price? Then camp out at Best Buy for Black Friday and get this streaming device for that special binge Netflix watcher in your life. You can stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon, HBO Go and more. And while we’re sure that you can watch all of these in your living room on you XBox 360 can you catch up on all 4 seasons of The Walking Dead IN YOUR ROOM?! NO? Then it’s obvious you need this.

Hot Yoga                                                                                                                                                                                    Retail Price: Varies (Usually $20 per class)


When I say this has huge rewards I mean it. Sure, Bikram Yoga is the newest yoga trend everyone’s talking about but if you want to lose weight, become more centered and stress free, and are looking for an excuse to buy totally cute Lululemon outfits than this is the present for you! This is the perfect gift to ASK for from parents or if you’re feeling generous, the perfect gift for mom. You can buy a package of classes (5, 10, 15) or a month of unlimited and if you shop around cough USE GROUPON cough you can find something in your price range that will give the gift that keeps on giving (I’m talking about sweat like you’ve never seen before).


Gigi’s Cupcakes                                                                                                                                                                         Retail Price: $2.50 – $3.75 per cupcake 


Yes, I am in the minority opinion that Sprinkles Cupcakes is grossly over priced and over-rated. Yes, I understand the cupcake craze that has taken over the past few years is dying down, but will that stop me from loving these scrumptious ,miniature cake masterpieces anytime soon…? Nope. Cupcakes are perfect for work presents during Christmas time instead of giving gifts to all the people in your office  who you hate because they are incompetent and you are not you just don’t have time to shop for . And while this is no cupcake Mecca it will do in a pinch and taste good too.


Memory Foam Pillow                                                                                                                                                             Retail Price: Varies ($39.00 – $100.00) 


Look how fucking peaceful that lady looks right now! That could be you! I mean sure, you’ve tentatively laid your head down on one of these comfy critters at Brookstone a few times and vowed when you had more disposable income you would get a whole beds worth of pillows made with this, but here you are, still sleeping subpar on those pillows from Target that keep getting less and less fluffy. Here’s your chance. This is a perfect splurge gift for yourself while you’re being so kind in buying gifts for everyone else. I have ONE and it’s the best pillow I’ve ever had in my life. This of sleeping on perfection and that is this pillow.



Fragrance Sampler From Sephora                                                                                                                                           Retail Price: $65.00 for Him and $70.00 for Hers


There is no other perfect gift than this. The problem with buying perfume of cologne for the holidays is the ever so obvious problem that maybe, just maybe, the person will hate the scent and on their skin it smells like dead baby ducks. So Sephora came up with a sampler kit geared towards this event never happening. You pay for all the samples in the box and with it comes a gift card to buy any regular sized bottle of whichever fragrance your partner desires. It’s perfect. I got one of these for my birthday last year and LOVED it. Perfect gift for close family, mom, dad, sisters, brothers, and other people you like a lot but can’t pin point exactly what to get.



NIA24 Rapid Exfoliating Serum                                                                                                                                            Retail Price: $82.00!!!


Easily the most expensive thing on my list (however, you can find it on Amazon for as low as $35.00) but so worth the money. It’s the same concept as all those exfoliating soaps and masks without the harshness of those tiny beads you can’t exactly tell how they make. Honestly I used this all summer and my skin was dew fresh every morning. Great for people with dry skin or who tend to to have a lot of build up on their skin from harsh facial cleaners. I honestly can’t get enough of this stuff. Perfect present for those who you’re closest too that are constantly griping about their skin. Maybe this will shut them up.



Victoria Secret NFL Gear                                                                                                                                                            Retail Price: Varies ($39.95 – $89.95)

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 11.26.24 AM

Perhaps I’m just putting this on the list because it’s on my own personal Holiday list but honestly, shouldn’t everyone want this. First of all it’s Victoria Secret so you know you’ll just wear this non stop from December all the way until March, and why shouldn’t you, VS is comfy as fuck. But then, added benefit of supporting your/your significant others team AT THE SAME TIME? Done. And guys, don’t lie, you know your favorite combination of things your girlfriend wears involves yoga pants and your tams logo on it right? It’s not just cute i’s sexy. Imagine it now for a second……Now mosey on over to the the site before everything sold out.

David & Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits & the Art of Battling                                                                                                                             Retail Price: $15.95 


When is the last time you bought a book? I mean, for fun?! This is the perfect book to buy for anyone and everyone. If you haven’t seen the author’s interview On Jon Stewart about what this book explores and tries to answer than you should watch it and then you’ll be CONVINCED you have to buy this book. Perfect gift for all those intellectual nerds you have in your life who will eat this book up and then spit out crazy declarations about life afterwards to you starting conversations that help build values in your young mind.