Private: Do Not Enter

000021I am guilty of a lot of things, but being a private person is NOT one of them. Sure, I may at times be mysterious, slow to divulge, and some might even call me sneaky, but private just isn’t a word to describe me. And yet when a co-worker of mine went through my personal Facebook messages last week the only thing I could think of was how on Earth could someone violate my privacy like that? It wasn’t just a urge to be a little nosey, no, it was snooping at it’s very worst, and I’ve spent the past few days being mortified that anyone would even have the audacity to do such a thing.

And then, right around Saturday night my indignation stopped. I realized that while it was, most definitely, unacceptable that another co-worker went through my personal messages to find things out about me, she didn’t really find out that much about me that she couldn’t have drawn her own conclusions to from just checking out my Facebook, stalking my Instagram, downloading my twitter feed, and reading this blog just for starters. If you really wanted to you could probably figure out who I am and what am I all about with a LOT of time on your hands and an ability to draw simple conclusion based on photo’s and autobiographical updates less than 140 characters. It isn’t just me either, our generation has been thrown into the “nothing is private” land where everything from our likes and dislikes can all be accessed with a click of a mouse and press of a button. Oh, I know, there are some nay sayers who are all like “OMG I hate FB, I’m hardly ever on”, first off those people are lying, you’re on FB you just have a busy enough life that keeps you from social network overload Monday through Friday, and secondly just because you’re not always on a social media does not mean you don’t have a media footprint. We live in an era where all I need is your first name, a photographic memory, and your hometown and I can Google you in a matter of minutes and by the end of the day I know more about you than most people ever use to know just by talking.  It’s kind of frightening.

Which, is not to say I’m against it. As you all know I’m in a “glad to be living my life out loud,” phase and while I could easily deactivate any or all my social networks I prefer to continue taking pictures of myself & food my friends and I having a good time and expressing my unpopular opinion on Dot candies to the world. SO then why am I upset when some random co-worker goes through my mailbox. Isn’t that is essence what I want other people to do by reading this blog, and following me on various websites?! How can I be outraged that this woman took it upon herself to do exactly what she assumes I want her to do? Is there no such thing as a personal life anymore?

And then I realized why it bothered me so much. I want people to know how I feel and what am I doing but I don’t want you to know who I am. That’s part of the pleasure of making new friends, unraveling who they are by the things they’ve experienced and the stuff they like to do. I don’t want anyone to draw conclusions about me, I want them to know for sure because I told them. We spend all this time “Facebook stalking” and finding out things about people instead of asking them and we’re headed down a slippery slope…



One thought on “Private: Do Not Enter

  1. This was very interesting…I find that your detailed explanation of how your generation thinks to be very useful and will be using many of your thoughts as points of reference in my upcoming book…stay tuned

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