Obviously I Was Writing to Offend You

burn-book-mean-girlsWhen I first started this blog I wrote a post about reasons why you should read my blog. It was pretty black & white, if you’re new to my writings please feel free to go back and reference it, I’ll wait….

See, pretty straight forward right? This is a blog from a twentysomething about twentysomething problems, stories, mishaps, shenninigans, and the like. It’s a footprint that I get to leave about how the fuck I survived it all when we’re at a time in life that most people don’t vocalize how shitty it really is. I decided that in order to help other people like me, not feel like they’re the only person in the world to colossally fuck up their lives who’s going through it, I would live my life out loud. It’s dramatic, it’s messy, it’s open for judgement, it’s advice from someone with no degree in advice giving, and I made that choice because I genuinely feel alone in my experiences most of the time and if, with every blog post I can keep even one person from feeling alone in their experience, than I’ve done what I wanted this blog to do. 

What my blog is not is some online slam book that others can read and then play the victim card with. Yes, I write a lot of personal things and it’s easy to take those personal things personally, but they’re not. I don’t spend my time thinking up ways in which to make other human beings feel bad about themselves, I reserve all that time for feeling bad about myself. When you write things, it’s a guaranteed fact that not everyone is going to like or agree with what you’re saying, I recommend those people go start their own blog and then find me on twitter and tweet me their dissenting opinion. Is my blog at times unprofessional? Sure, I was never claiming it was, the title of it being “God, I Hate My Twenties” might have spoiled that. Is putting our shared personal experience with a heavy slant on my personal experience unfair at times? Sure, again, get your own blog and title it “Why I Hate Other Bloggers”, I’ll read it. Is giving my advice advocating only my ideas, experiences, and suggestions “totally one-sided”? WHAT THE FUCK, YES, THIS IS MY BLOG, DUH! 

Let’s make a short list of other things I’m actively NOT trying to do while writing this blog:

  • Persuade you into joining a cult (Not actually something I’ve been accused of but for references sake)
  • Ruin my professional career
  • Ruin your professional career
  • Impose my religious beliefs on you
  • Impose my sexual beliefs on you
  • Give the combative enemy our secrets & strategies  (surprisingly this is not clear to some people)
  • Embarrass and shame you
  • Judge you
  • Victimize you
  • Laugh at you

The point is, I’m trying to do something here. I’m 22 going on 67 23 and so far it’s been a pretty terrible (75% terrible, 25% moderately manageable)  time. I’ve got SEVEN YEARS LEFT and I want to make the most out of it. I want to share my experience in the funniest, most honest way I know how and unfortunately for people in my life  that’s going to be this blog. I promise with everything I have that I will tell the truth and try my best not to bring down any dynasty’s or what have you but, if you’re reading this blog looking for ways in which to be offended than honestly you’ll probably find one (also you should get a life)… About a week and a half ago I tried to kill myself…. I haven’t written about it yet because I’m still getting over the fact that I was in the state of mind (hypothetically it may or may not have been sparked by a fight with a co-worker who may or may not have been a douchebag, which I think may or may not give me the fucking right to use the word douchebag because just maybe it’s the nicest word I can think of given this situation) to even do so, but do you honestly think I want to write about such personal and upsetting things? Did any of you think that when I wrote about my battles with my boyfriend, his family, and the emotional and verbal abuse I was going through? If I could choose not to experience these things I would, but I’m making the best out of it and now that I’ve had this blog for a while I think you know what to expect. My point is; if you’re reading my blog & you’re offended, than obviously I was writing to offend you, and not, you know, for any other reason whatsoever.


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