On A Positive Note… (10 Things to Be Happy About Today)

imagesI feel like ever since I started this blog I never write anything positive anymore. Honestly, on a whole I’m not even entirely sure I really feel like good things ever happen to me at all anymore but I thought I’d try to change the tides by making a list off all the things to be happy about in general.

10.Barack Obama is President. Depending on your party affiliation this may not be a positive but even if you’re going to vote for Marco Rubio in 2016 there is some positives to having this President. He lowered interest rates on student loans, gave us healthcare till we’re 27, brought being cool back to being a President. I could go on but mostly I’m happy about this because I bootleg watched The Butler last night and I think it’s easy to forget just how fucking awesome it is that we’ve had him for the past 5 years. I mean, 30 years ago we were still having race riots – RACE RIOTS, and now we have a black President. If you forgot how cool it is just go talk to any person over the age of 60 how they feel about Barack and they’ll probably just start crying.

9. iPhones! I mean good God, how awesome is it that if I have any question in the world I can just ask MY PHONE. It plays music, it updates all your social media, it even allows you to occasionally make phone calls. It’s like having a magic genie.

8. Sanitation. We kind of all take this for granted but did you know that you can actual wash your entire body with moderately clean water and most of the time it’s hot… Yeah think about that for a second because that’s actual a privilege. Add in the fact that no one dies of Small Pox anymore and odds are you won’t be getting Tetanus this lifetime.  We live in the cleanest and most affluent times in not just American history but global history and thats kind of a big deal.

7. Almost Fall. That means football, pumpkin spiced lattes, wearing Ugg boots (although I wear them all year round because I’m fashionable from California) and cooler weather. The end of August smells like new school supplies and then ending of a crazy summer that- thank God is ending because it was getting a little too crazy and you’re tired. Cheers to the return of sweat pants, fall foliage and cuddle weather.

6. Football is this close… I mean lets all be honest here, the weekends just suck without Saturday day games and Sunday night football. Honestly I haven’t known what to do with myself since February. I know there’s basketball and baseball but it’s kind of repetitive after watching your team lose again and again 4 out of 7 nights a week (I’m looking at you DBacks) and you just yearn for watching some intense NCAA/NFL games that are sure to come in just a few weeks.

5. You’re not this disaster.

4. Netflix exists. Feeling sad, bored, apathetic, or all the above? Try binge watching all 8 seasons of The Office in 2 weeks and I assure you’ll be right as rain (which is a phrase I never got because rain is generally wet and unpleasant.. never really feel right). Even though about a year ago Netflix was a none issue because all their instant que stuff sucked and, when do you have time to watch a movie and then mail it back,  but now with Orange is the New Black and House of Cards airing FULL SEASONS uninterrupted and some actual legitimate movies our generation now has the ability to never deal with a commercial again. It’s probably a problem.


2. Everyday you have the ability to make a different choice than yesterday. Yet another thing we take for granted for that we should be praising baby jesus for. Today you are a different person than yesterday. The whole youngest you’ll ever be and oldest you’ve ever been and whatnot. You should be happy about that. Can you imagine if you just stayed the same everyday forever and ever and you never got a second chance to make another choice?! That would be awful.

1. Liquor still exists. And it’s everywhere. You can buy it at Wal-Mart for crying out loud. You have a million choices when you drink and if you’re a pretty girl like me, then you can even, most likely, get it free. Seriously in the 1920’s they tried to ban it and everyone had to sneak liquor into undergroung night clubs and it there was no Skky, Patron, or 151. It was swill that they made in a bathtub….. Had a bad day? Too bad, no beer, it’s FORBIDDEN. WTF that’s insane! Let’s be happy about being alive now instead of then.


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