If You Want a Girl That’s Simple… (Yes, poetry seriously)

… than you can look somewhere else

because I know plenty of those girls

and I am not one of them.

If you want a girl that’s “simple”

then you are barking up the wrong tree

because I am ambitious, strong, & driven

and none of those things are “simple”.

“Simple” girls don’t know how to rise up and beat the odds

after one go round they’re weak, tired and exhausted

meanwhile I’m over here just getting started.

Sure a “simple” girl is easy

she never argues

has no opinion

her goals are as bland as the emotions on your face

she never cries, never prays

honestly, she sounds like a bore.

If you want a “simple” girl,

well honey they’re are tons to choose from

Their iPods are filled with the latest chart toppers

their closets filled with clothes from the Gap 

they’re not even dynamic enough to eat organic

they are just blank cut outs where a real woman should be.

If you want a girl that’s “simple”,

well be prepared to dream small,

settle for less

expect the mundane

because mediocre is their middle name

and plain is the town they were born to live in.

“Simple” to you means, uncomplicated

void of intensity and emotion,


and as Marilyn Monroe said

“those girls rarely make history.”

I have no interest in being the “simple” girl you crave

I can “go with the flow”

just not your flow.

If what you want,

what you really want,

is a “simple” girl

one who doesn’t challenge you or push you

than get the fuck out my way so I can keep walking. 






One thought on “If You Want a Girl That’s Simple… (Yes, poetry seriously)

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