Why You (Fellow Stranger) Should Read My Blog

So I’ve crossed a big milestone here blog readers– I’ve got 10 followers! Whooohooo! This may not be something worth noting to most of you but for the fact that even one person wants to read anything I have to say is incredible. I mean we all know it– blogs are just online diaries for narcissist with sometimes helpful or colorful commentary that normal people may or may not find interesting and thus read. Whatever, I’ll take it! But upon reaching this obvious trivial yet exciting achievement i decided I need to come up with some sort of vision, a mission statement if you will of why people should read my blog in the first place. Below is just a small list of reasons you may want to check me out if you haven’t already. (I swear not every other blog post will be list)!

1. It’s not long. My post on average should take you less time to read than Ikea directions.

2.I most DEFINETLY will write a post on how to survive assembling something from Ikea within the next few weeks.That should be reason to read enough.

3. I’m not licensed to give advice about your body. That means no preachy “How to Gluten Free Your Diet” or ” Better Ways To Improve Your Abs”. What do I look like, a gym teacher? I’ll tell you what works for me, sporadically going to the gym but mostly sitting on the couch binge watching True Blood.

4. I will sometimes write reviews that don’t include words like “cinematic masterpiece”. I watch a lot of TVs and Movies and I know how helpful it is to just cut to the chase with a lot of these things. Just because we’re in our twenties doesn’t mean we have to be unrefined.

5. It’s real life. Everything I write about is the honest to God truth. Not that other peoples blogs are fake but most some of them are just about cool recipes they tried and blah blah blah. Like no, most of our cakes aren’t Pinterest quality, just stop.

6. I’m going through shit. In the same vein as “this is real life” I’m currently hating my twenties. This is not a reflective blog where I’m 29 talking down to all you suckers as you wade through the “dark” years. I’m in the mud too– in fact I’m covered.

7. I’m hilarious. Obviously.

8. It’s not going to be girly grumbling all the time. Preseason count down in t-minus 26 days.

9. Do I really need to convince you anymore?!

Follow ME!!! xoxo’s


One thought on “Why You (Fellow Stranger) Should Read My Blog

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