God, I Hate My Twenties

Truer words have never been spoken. Waiting for your twenties is like waiting for other things in life I expect are a   sham like getting married and having children.You spend most of your life fantasizing, dreaming, imagining what it will be like but in reality the truth is – it sucks. That’s right, I said it, I damn near loathe being 22. I mean sure, you look amazing, you can drink & eat whatever you want with very little consequences, there is ample time in your day to do nothing and there’s a lot of time for you and your friends to do whatever this is, but that’s about it. What no one ever talks about is the fact that you’re constantly


negative or overdrawn in your bank account…


overworked & underpaid…


making bad decisions…

… I mean like really making bad decision


… like almost constantly…

… and mostly you’re just worried about yourself


… and you’re a tad over confident


… but that’s mostly a front


…because you’re usually  in some sort of relationship malfunction

…basically your twenties is this in a nutshell.


It’s not glamourous. As hard as it is to believe you do not have your shit together and it’s not every night body shots with hott people in hot clothes until three in the morning. That’s the hollywood version of your twenties and they’ve invested decades and $$$ into making you believe that your twenties is all cupcakes and watermelon shots. Which is why I started this blog (yes, I thought I’d throw a lot of pointless GIFS out there first before I got to my point so sue me) to give voice to the real life twentysomethings who actually hate it and can’t wait to turn thirty. I’m going to tell you what it’s really like to work, be in a relationship, live with your parents, have functioning friendships, and whatever else might pop into my life.


Maybe we can even get through this decade together?






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